Our 36th annual summer show was held on Saturday 5th August 2017.

The committee have been reviewing the classes and schedule for next year following comments from members and exhibitors however, we do not expect many significant changes. The schedule for next year will be available here in March 2017.

In the meantime this year's schedule, which will give you and idea of what to expect, can be viewed here: Show Schedule 2017 (PDF).

Changes to the schedule that have been confirmed are:

  • Class 54 Marmalade: will just include 'One jar marmalade, made from fresh oranges' and not stipulate ingredients
  • Class 63 'Six jam tarts' will be replaced with '4 Muffins'
  • Classes 71 & 77 'Decorated Cresshead' will be replaced with 'A Potato Head'
  • A new craft class will be added 'Any other item of craft'
  • Photography subjects will be ‘A Garden View’ and 'Signs and Signposts’